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  • 2 Mar 2020 3:44 PM | Andrew Stirzaker (Administrator)

    Avoid being caught out!

    The Marine Pollution Act (NSW) is currently under review and in the early stages of consultation which will eventuate in changes to NSW Regulations.

    I thought it worthwhile to remind you of a current requirement that may well not be widely known for the inclusion of a Garbage Management Plan and the display of placard (stickers) on your vessel.

    The red tape - 

    Australia is a signatory to the the international convention for the prevention of pollution from ships known as MARPOL and consequently AMSA captures DCV's reflected in NSW Pollution Act and Regulation as follows:

    Garbage management plans are mandatory for:

    • vessels of 100 gross tonnage and above
    • vessels certified to carry 15 or more people
    • fixed or floating platforms.

    The easy way to comply -

    Follow the link below to AMSA website and order your stickers online for free. Appears the most relevant are the set noted "Small vessel"

    Scroll to the provided "Garbage Management Plan Example" and edit for your operation which will no doubt be very concise for DCV's. Attach as an appendix to your SMS for easy reference.

    Garbage management - Australian Maritime Safety › Marine environment › Marine pollution

  • 26 Feb 2020 11:25 AM | Andrew Stirzaker (Administrator)

    For operators on Sydney Harbour the issue of black water sewerage pump out is often a major pain point.

    The CVA has been lobbying TfNSW- Maritime to ensure this matter does not fall from the agenda and you will be encouraged to know that there is ongoing support despite the challenges presented.

    At our AGM Hendrik Clasie - General Manager for Industry & Environment, provided the following update:

    White Bay 6 (Bailey's Fuel site) - following last November shut down actions have been taken and are ongoing to ensure the shore based pipework infrastructure is upgraded to cope with peak volumes to prevent any future crisis temporary closures.

    Blackwattle Bay site - Facility had to be closed due to unstable wharf structure, TfNSW have arranged for a pontoon and piles to be installed to enable re opening. Announcement expected within the week to activate usage.

    New site scoping - Blackwattle Bay site is scheduled for Fish Market redevelopment and a new site to relocate the existing pump out infrastructure is being actively scoped.

    King St Precinct - 

    King St 3 has been fitted with pipework to enable vessels with discharge pumps onboard to pump ashore. (Wharf currently scheduled for maintenance works closure however)

    King St 9 - new pump installed and being commissioned 

    We know the King St wharves are far from ideal for pump out and should only be considered as an over flow concept but we certainly appreciate the additional plant.

    We understand that the charter vessel bases are also actively putting in pump ashore facilities that will assist taking the pressure off the common user discharge points.

    If you are a user of any of the other marina discharge facilities please let us know of your experiences as these facilities are considered by Maritime as part of the commercial vessel solution and if not fit for your use we need to advise them.

  • 26 Feb 2020 10:29 AM | Andrew Stirzaker (Administrator)

    Our AGM event on Monday 24th February was well attended and thank you to all who where able to join us. 

    I am pleased to advise that the 2020 Office Bearers and Committee of the CVA was elected unopposed.

    President - Dan Da Silva

    Vice president - Daniel Altiok-Brown

    Treasurer - Nick Lester

    Membership Officer - Ian Ford

    Secretary - Dan Hanoumis

    Committee Members

    Anthony Haworth

    John Paton

    Frank Panuccio

    James McArthur

    Pierre Beirouthy

    This would have to be without a doubt the best representative committee the CVA has had to date including metro and regional members, class 1, class 4 and fishing charter operators.

    With the collective experience and expertise the Committee is well positioned to represent the diversity of members interests and champion the agenda in 2020.

    We value your input and if you are yet to join we urge you to consider supporting your industry Association as the more united the more effective the CVA is able to perform.

    As always please feel free to contact me or a member of the committee on any relevant topics.

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